Courses After 12th Arts

     "You should have opted for science and commerce instead of arts for a reputable career!” This line is used by many people. However with changing times, globalization and the emergence of new domains a wide range of courses are now being offered in the fields of arts and humanities. So in this blog we will introduce you to some of the best courses available after 12th arts. 


     What are the best career options after class 12th for arts students?

    Every year millions of students complete their higher secondary education in the arts stream, history, language, culture, music, visual arts, philosophy, humanities are the areas of study they can choose. The students who opt for arts are taught to use analytical and exploratory skills.

    Students who complete their higher studies in arts can go in various fields. But it's important to choose the right subject because if one doesn’t choose the right one they might not end up getting the highest paid jobs. The list for choosing courses after 12th is a wide range like linguistics, political science, law, mass communications, economics, history hindi, or english etc.

    There are many options available for students but its important to choose courses wisely.

     Courses After 12th Arts

    • Bachelor of Arts

    This course is for 3 years. It is an undergraduate course in social science, humanities, and liberal arts. Available in different specialisations like history, geology, literature, journalism, mass communication, archaeology, environmental science etc. BA is one of the most common degrees of arts students. This has a wide variety of cultural understanding, flexibility, communication skills etc.

    After completing a bachelor degree in arts students may choose job opportunities in aviation, tourism, hospitality, banking and finance sector, media and entertainment, govt. Jobs.

    Salary ranges on an average - 4,33,106

    Job opportunities

    • Content writer

    • Executive assistant

    • Human resource manager (HR)

    • Bachelors of fine arts (B.F.A)

    If you are confused and wondering what to do after the 12th, you may choose BFA, one of the very popular courses after 12th is studying arts. Bachelor of fine arts are the best career option for students who are interested in fine arts, painting, dancing, singing, theatre, music, film making, animations etc. This is also a 3 years degree course. For pursuing this course you must have creative and excellent presentation skills.

    Salary ranges on an average - 5,30,422

    Job opportunities

    • Teachers/ professors

    • Professional dancers and singers

    • Art directors

    • Creative writers

    • Graphic designers and many more

    • Bachelors of Business Administration

    If you are confused and wondering about what to do after 12th you may choose BBA. One of the very popular career options after the 12th is studying business administration. If you have an interest and want to make a career in business, sales, marketing this is one of the best career options you can choose.

    Some popular and well known specialisations are HR management, marketing, sales and finance. Students pursuing BBA can take full time or online courses. Students who opt for BBA should have strong communication skills, problem solving mindset, and management skills.

    Salary ranges on an average - 4,42,350

    Job opportunities

    • Financial analyst

    • Marketing manager

    • HR manager

    • Sales and marketing executive

    • Integrated Law Course (BA+LLB)

    If you are looking to pursue a career in law this could be the best career option after 12th. This course duration for this integration is 5 years. The biggest advantage of pursuing this course is to obtain a dual degree in a single curriculum. The syllabus is planned in such a way that students will be learning bachelor of arts and LLB programs. You will have subjects like criminal law, company or corporate law, evidence law, civil procedure code (CPC) etc.

    Salary ranges on an average - 5,00,000 - 8,00,000

    Job opportunities

    • Company secretary

    • Legal advisor

    • Litigation lawyer

    • Bachelors of journalism and mass communication

    The bachelor of journalism and mass communication is a bachelor and undergraduate degree for 3 years. This is a full time course divided into 6 semesters. The course includes various fields like television, advertisements, television products, writing social media, film studies, event management etc. The course expects students to develop relevant knowledge of journalism and mass communication and in determining its features and usage. This programme aims to create socially responsible media professionals who are more data oriented and excel in communication skills.

    Salary ranges on an average - 4,26,474

    Job opportunities

    • Content writer

    • Copywriter

    • Marketing executive

    • Bachelors in Fashion Designing

    It is one of the best career options after 12th. This course is of 3 to 4 years designed for those who want to enter in the fashion industry. This follows the dynamic trend and teaches enthusiasts the design of garments, jewellery, footwears and other accessories etc.

    This course is best suited for students with an innovative mind and industry specific skills like visual sensibility, global vision, sense of colours, pallets and much more.

    Salary ranges on an average - 5,93000

    Job Opportunities

    • Fashion designer

    • Design manager

    • Fashion stylist

    • Bachelors of Hotel Management

    Bachelors of hotel management is also one of the best course available after 12th. It is a 3-4 years degree course that teaches students about hospitality. This course covers areas like tourism, event management, food and beverages industry. During the course tenure students are trained in communication skills, negotiation skills etc. This is one of the most preferred course after 12th.

    Salary ranges on an average - 13,70,000

    Job opportunities

    • Hotel manager

    • Accommodation manager

    • Catering officer

    • Meeting and event manager

    • Event Management

    If you have not decided which of the above courses you should opt for you can think about doing event management as this is one of the best choices after the 12th. Events have become an important part of our life whether it is music, sports, politics or television. This is a full time 3 year course. This will help you build skills in the field of event building, project planning, reporting and marketing.

    Salary ranges on an average - 6,25,000

    Job opportunities

    • Event manager

    • Event planner

    • Wedding planner

    • Stage decorator

    • Sociology

    If you are interested in studying society town planning, a bachelors in sociology could be one of the best careers for you after the 12th. This course will teach you how to solve society problems. It is a full 3 years degree course.

    Salary ranges on an average - 4,00,000

    Job opportunities

    • Social worker

    • Journalist

    • Family counsellors

    • Rehabilitation counsellors

    • Political Science

    If you are interested in studying politics and administration a bachelors in political science could be one of the best options for you after the 12th. This is a 3 years course. The course gives you an idea about the Indian political system, constitutions and other countries' constitutions and political systems. After completing your bachelor degree you can go for UPSC, civil services exams or students aspiring to become IAS officers should take this course.

    Salary ranges on an average - 6,10,000

    Job opportunities

    • Political scientists

    • Professors

    • Political consultant

    • Conclusion

    • In detail of this blog we have mentioned all the top career options available in the art stream. This blog will help you clear all your doubts and guide you the best according to your interests.

    •  There are an equal number of opportunities these days for students with arts backgrounds and those interested in following their passion must go on. 


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